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   a teenager

   Describe a teenager who you know.

   You should say:

   how old he or she is

   how and where you met him or her

   what you and this person do together

   and explain what kind of person he or she is.

   Part 3

   What's the difference between children and teenagers?

   How is the life of teenagers (or children) today different to what it was 20 or 30 years ago?

   Would you say life for teenagers today is better than it was several decades ago?

   What do teenagers think about old(er) people?

   What do you think about the so-called 'generation gap'?

   a family you are familiar with (not your own)

   Describe a family (not your own family) that you know well.

   You should say:

   where this family lives

   who the members of the family are

   how you know them

   and explain how you feel about this family.

   Part 3

  What do you think are some of the advantages and some of the disadvantages of big and of small families?

   In Chinese families, who usually makes the major decisions?

   Do you think it is good for grandparents to help bring up their grandchildren?

   In your opinion, what are (some of ) the attributes (= the qualities) of 'a good parent'?

   Do you think parents today should spend more time with their children than they do at the moment?

   In their free time, do families in China go out much together?

   a film you watched recently

   Describe an interesting film you saw recently.

   You should say:

   when & where you saw it

   what type of film it was

   what the film was about (= what the contents of the film were)

   and explain why you think it was interesting.

   Part 3



   What are some of the benefits from watching foreign films?

   Do you think (watching) films have (has) any educational benefits?

   Are people attracted (or influenced) by advertisements (or previews) for new films?

   What are the differences between documentary 点击发音 films and films purely for entertainment?

   雅思口语题之卡片题目汇总就这些了,大家前期可以做好累积 准备,让描述不在变得单调,祝大家早日取得理想的成绩。