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Part 1 部分

What’s your full name please?Are you working or studying?How do you like your major/job?Let’s talk about your hometown. Where did you grow up?Do you think your hometown is a nice place for children/people to live in? Why?Would you consider living in the countryside in the future? Why?Do you think there have been some changes in your hometown during these years?Do you often write letters? Whom do you write letters to?Do you often send e-mails? Whom do you send e-mails to?When do you write letters?When do you send e-mails?Do you think paper writing or handwriting will be replaced by computer in the future? Why?Do you use social networks? What do you use?Do you think it’s important to use social networks to communicate?What is your favorite color?Would you choose colors when you buy clothes?Which kind of color do you prefer, light colors or dark colors?What is the difference between men and women in buying cars?Do you like reading history?What’s your favorite history book?Do you think history is important?Do you prefer to read books or magazines? Why?Do you like swimming? How often do you swim?Which one do you prefer, swimming in the swimming pool, or swimming in the sea? Why?What do you usually do or like to do at night?Do you prefer to study/work in the morning or at night? Why?Do you often visit the museum?Do you think it’s important to visit the museum?Do you like dancing?How often do you dance?What is the difference between Chinese and Western dance?Where do Chinese people usually dance?Do you think it’s hard to learn dancing?Do you often use your computer?What computer skills do you want to learn? Why?How can people benefit from playing the computer?Do you like watching movies? And what is your favorite movie?Do you want to be a teacher in the future?What qualities do you think a good teacher should have?Did you ever work in a team? What was it about?Do you like going to the park? What do you often do in the park?How can old people benefit from going to the park?Do you think park means the same thing for young people and old people?What kind of sport do you like? And what sport is popular in China?Is it popular to travel by plane?Does everybody travel by plane?Do many people take high-speed train?What are the advantages and disadvantages of living near the airport?Which part in your house do you like most?Which part in your house do you want to change? Why?Do you prefer to live in a house or in a flat? Why?Do you like reading news?Where do you read news?Do you like riding bikes?What are the advantages of riding bikes?What is the most popular transport in China?What transport do you like most? Why?Do you often take photos? What about selfies?Do you prefer to take photos by yourself or have other people take photos? Why?Do you like to hang out with your friends? What do you do together?

Part 2 部分

Describe an article that you read from a magazine or from the internet about healthy living.Describe a time you forgot something important.Describe a new skill you want to learn.Describe a movie you recently watched.Describe a person who likes to travel by plane.Describe a place you visited that had been affected by pollution.Describe a long car journey you went on.Describe a product you bought that you felt happy with.Describe a time when the weather changed your plan.Describe an important conversation that influenced you.Describe an occasion that you borrowed something.Describe an interesting animal.Describe a person who has apologized to you.Describe the first time you used a foreign/second language to communicate.Describe something you would like to do if you were given a day off.Describe a family (not your own) that you like.Describe a sport you have learned for the first time.Describe a story or a novel that was particularly interesting to you.Describe a law about environment that you would like to see in the future.Describe a dinner that you had with your friends.

  以上就是给各位雅思考生整理出来的雅思口语Part 1和Part 2必考话题,请各位考生耐心备考,雅思口语和写作给分越来越严格,此乃大势所趋。简言之,4月份考试的考生,请认真准备上述话题,并参加模拟考试,相信口语高分根本不在话下。